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Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Vol. 15(8) August 2020

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Research Papers

1. Bacterial biocontrol induced suppression of Alternaria leaf blight incidence and plant growth promotion in Cassia angustifolia. L
- Gurudevan Thiribhuvanamala, Balaraman Meena, Lakshmanan Nalina and Kandasamy Rajamani

2. Genetic variability of different potassium solubilizing fungal strains of Aspergillus from Maharashtra, India
- Gore Nileema S., Navale Annasaheb M. and Ghutukade Kiran S.

3. Comparative evaluation of Meyerozyma guilliermondii RLV-04, Emericella sp. Xlt-11 and Pseudomonas gessardii VXlt-16 for xylitol production by Taguchi Orthogonal Array approach
- Ahuja Vishal, Bhatt Arvind Kumar, Rathour Ranju Kumari, Sharma Vaishali and Rana Nidhi

4. Morphological and molecular data of Panax population found in Phu Xai Lai Leng mountainous range of Nghe an province
- Phan Ke Long, Pham Van The, Tran Thi Viet Thanh, Dang Phan Hien, Phan Ke Loc, Nguyen Minh Tam and Vu Dinh Duy

5. A study of the biopotentials of Chromolaena odorata with important evidences for using its potential in drugs
- Nair Sreecha Chandran and Prabha Kumari C.

6. Studies on Cholesterol reduction and formulation of Cholesterol reducing probiotic microorganism
- Gore Suneeti, Kalekar Saylee, Zagde Dhanashree, Talekar Nisha, Mehendale Sneha and Patwardhan Rajashree

7. Genetic divergence among germplasms of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)
- Ram H., Khan M.M. and Pandey V.P.

8. Study of Micropropagation and Gamma Irradiation Effect on Bacopa monnieri
- Salfarina Ramli, Hasseri Halim, Anis Nadhira Aziram, Noor Fahimah Saari, Muhammad Nazzim Muaz Abdul Halim and Salahbiah Abdul Majid

9. Cellular properties and multilineage potential of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage regeneration
- Nitilapura Narendra, Rao Shama, Shetty Siddharth M., Shetty Veena A., Shetty Shantharam M. and Kumar Mohana B.

10. UV Radiation and Micelles as Enhancers of Amylase Production by Trichoderma viride
- Lalitha P. and Suryakala D.

11. In vitro callus culture studies of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. leaves for production and identification of Gymnemic acid (as Gymnemagenin) using HPTLC
- Koshti Leena, Patil Darshana and Patil Avinash

12. Imipenem Resistance Mechanisms in Multidrug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates from south India
- Nagaveni S., Kelmani Chandrakanth R. and Patil S.A.

13. Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization of Alternanthera Sessilis (purple) and its microbial activities
- Sindhu Priya K. and Amutha K.

14. Changes in behavior, cardiac rate and acetylcholinesterase activity in tadpoles of Fejervarya limnocharis (Anura, Dicroglossidae) in response to sub-lethal exposure to fluoranthenes
- Bhuyan Krishna and Giri Anirudha

15. Determination of gamma rays radiation dose and their effect on fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) seed germination and seedling growth
- Verma A.K., Reddy K.S., Dhansekar P., Solanki R.K., Chauhan V.B.S. and Singh B.

16. Statistical Optimization of Physical Parameters by Response Surface Methodology for Enhanced Production of β-Galactosidase by Lactobacillus fermentum MT468249 isolated from Kefir
- Mahadevaiah Shilpa and Batra Harshvardhan

17. Evaluation of the evolutionary variations in some Actinopterygii fishes via Sox2 compared with Sox14 and COI sequence variations
- Shaikh-Omar A.M., Saad Y.M. and Al-Hasawi Z.M.

Review Papers

18. A review on liposomal drug delivery systemt
- Muralikrishnan R., Selvamuthukumar R., Mohankumar A., Praveen K., Swamivelmanickam M. and Sivakrishnan S.

19. A review on Endophytic bacteria and their potential pharmacological applications
- Ranjitha Dhevi V. Sundar and Sathiavelu Arunachalam

20. Genome Editing Tools in Livestock
- Pathak Shalu Kumari