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World Business 'n Economy Congress at Indore from 15-17 February, 2019 was a grand success. Hearty congratulations and many thanks to all of you.
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Authors are requested not to submit any manuscripts or make any payment at website: https://worldresearchesjournal.com. Owner of the domain and website is Mr. Shoumik Rahman Mahady of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He did fraud by putting our journal name “Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment” showing our ISSN number and our indexing with SCOPUS at the website https://worldresearchesjournal.com. Those who have paid him US $ 200 for publication should ask for a refund at his email: shoumik441@gmail.com under copy to Principal Secretary Dr. Ahmad Kaikaus of Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh at his email: psecy@pmo.gov.bd so that the Government may also take action against him. Please be alert from such frauds. We do not charge any money for publication in our journals.

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World Business 'n Economy Congress at Indore from 15-17 February, 2019 was a grand success. Hearty congratulations and many thanks to all of you.

Publication in WRJ is totally free. Please submit your manusript along with copyright form. Our current issue is always open access.

UGC Notice

Authors are requested to check:

Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Instructions to Authors


Please see that manuscript submitted by you is as per our standard format and as per Instructions to Authors. Authors are requested to check the latest issue of any of our journals for our standard format. Authors who are interested to become reviewers or members of editorial board for any journal, should contact us at email: info@worldresearchjournals.com

Select the journal where you wish to submit your paper for example if you wish to submit to following journals:
1. Research Journal of Biotechnology
2. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
3. Disaster Advances
then go to menu "paper submission". then you will find ScholarOne Manuscript TM on left hand side of the page at the top, register here and submit the manuscript as per instructions.

For other journals:
Please go to menu "paper submission", follow the instructions and you can upload your paper online. Please submit manuscripts, tables, figures, references all together in one shot. It is a must to agree to terms and conditions of declaration given there. Please send declaration/copyright form along with manuscript. One can download this form from menu "downloads".

After uploading you will receive auto reply. Please see that all entries are correct otherwise submit again. In case you find any problem in uploading, please send your paper by email as attachment at info@worldresearchjournals.com Write name of the journal in the subject when you send manuscript by email. If you send paper by email, then please attach the declaration/copyright form as well.

Authors, members and readers can read the whole text of manuscript of all the Journals for a month under heading "Current Issue". We upload the coming issue around 25th of every month e.g. February issue will be uploaded around 25th January . After a month one can see only abstracts under heading "Archives" Titles and abstracts of all the published manuscripts can be accessed under heading "Archives"

Instructions for preparing the manuscript:
All our journals publish research papers containing original research work of good standard, case studies, short communications and review papers of contemporary relevance from all over the world.

Following types of contributions are considered for publication:

RESEARCH PAPERS (Full Length - Maximum of 12 pages-A/4 size)
REVIEW PAPERS including Mini Reviews
General Articles related to Theme of the Journal

We also publish about latest products in Industry, Recent Research, Information about Awards/Prizes, Scholarships, News and Views, Advertisements about Seminars, Conferences, Appointments etc.

1. Papers are accepted only in English. English spelling and punctuation are preferred. All the matter and information should be submitted online by uploading at website www.worldresearchjournals.com at the menu "Paper Submission". If one finds difficulty in uploading, then one can send manuscript as attachment on email info@worldresearchjournals.com

Manuscript format should be in MS word only. Charts, Tables and Diagrams should be in MS Excel or MS Word and images in JPG format using maximum possible 72dpi resolution. All the matter should be typed in Times New Roman Font size - 11 point with single spacing.

2. Full length Research Papers (Maximum of 12 pages in A/4 size) should be divided as follows :
Authors names (family names/surnames first in bold) with institutional address and corresponding or main author email (Corresponding or main author should be identified as the Corresponding Author with asterisk),
Abstract in Italics,
Material and Methods,
Results and Discussion,
Acknowledgement and

Pages should be properly numbered. Tables and Figures must be in separate sheet. Mathematical data should be strictly provided. References should be in alphabetical order.

3. References must be in separate sheet alphabetically in serial order in name of authors. Family name/surname should be first followed by first name. If there are many authors, then all the names should be written as family name first followed by first name. Then the details of reference should be given in following order:
Title of paper,
name of journal in abbreviated form in Italics (name of book in normal),
volume no. in Bold,
page no. in normal and
publication year in Bold in bracket

For example:
Patel R.M., Patel D.M., Shah K.P. and Patel D.A., Synthesis of Polyketones and their Antimicrobial Study, Res. J. Chem. Environ., 3 (2), 47 (1999)
Rao C.N.R., Chemical Applications of IR Spectroscopy, Academic Press, London, 250 (1963)

4. References must be serially numbered and should be arranged alphabetically by family name (surname). References must be quoted compulsorily in the text as numerals either at name of author or at the end of the sentence e.g. ....... Rao1 or .............. solution2.

5. Manuscripts should be strictly in accordance with prescribed FORMAT of the journal. They will not be returned in any case whether accepted or rejected. Manuscripts and all other correspondence should be addressed to Editor. Acceptance communication will be sent to authors in 45 to 60 days of receipt of manuscript.

6. Declaration to be given by authors: " The facts and views in the manuscript are ours and we are totally responsible for authenticity, validity and originality etc. I / We undertake and agree that the manuscripts submitted to your journal have not been published elsewhere and have not been simultaneously submitted to other journals. I / We also declare that manuscripts are our original work and we have not copied from anywhere else. There is no plagiarism in our manuscripts. Our manuscripts whether accepted or rejected will be property of the publisher of the journal and all the copyrights will be with the publisher of the journal".

7. Please correspond by email (Please write the name of the journal in subject.) and always mention:
Name of corresponding author (It will be preferable if only corresponding author makes the query):
Name of the Journal:
Number of authors:
Title of manuscript:
ScholarOne Manuscript Number:
Date of submission of manuscript:

Instructions for Manuscript-format
a) Page Layout: A4 (21cm × 28 cm) leaving 2 cm margin on all sides of the text. All the text should be single spaced and the pages should be numbered consecutively. Alignment should be Left.
b) Use MS word (2003-2007) for text and TIFF, JPEG or Paint for figures.
c) The first page should contain:
Title-bold, 18 point size
Name/s of author/s-bold, 10 point size (Surname or Family name first followed by first name )
Affiliation/s-address of all the author/s followed by email of corresponding author in 8.5 point size
Abstract in italics up to 200 words in 12 point size
Keywords- at least 5 keywords in 11 point size
d) Main Text-The paper should be divided into the following sections:
Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References.
Tables and Figures of good resolution (72 dpi) should be numbered consecutively.
e) References-References should be cited in the text as superscript on persons name1, 2 or at the end of the sentence3.

As soon as one submits the paper online, it will appear in heading "Papers Received". When we receive the paper along with "Declaration of Authors", we will send your paper to two experts for comments anywhere in the world. After acceptance by both the experts, we will inform you regarding acceptance within 45 to 60 days of submission of manuscript. If it is accepted, we will send you acceptance letter and your paper will be published within 6 months in coming issues. If your paper is rejected, you can submit to other journal with our prior permission.

Proof will be sent to the corresponding author via e-mail as an Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) which should be returned to the Editorial office within 5 working days. Acrobat Reader will be required in order to read the PDF.