Vol. 10(10) October 2017

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Research Papers

1. Assessment of long term agricultural drought in Tamilnadu, India using NDVI anomaly
- - Vaani N. and Porchelvan P.

2. Effect of sinuosity on flood disaster: A study of Kadvi river channel, Maharashtra
- Chougale Sujit S. and Sapkale Jagdish B.

3. A novel image processing approach for finding the bubble count in neutron dosimeter
- Thamotharan B., Vaithiyanathan V., Venkatraman B., Anishin Raj M.M., Karthikeyan B. and Venkata Keerthy S.

4. Compressive behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete columns heated up to 8000C
- K. Ratna Tej Reddy and K. Srinivasa Rao

5. Estimation of Vibration Parameters based on Rock Mass Rating (RMR) for Blast in Rocky Sites
- Kumar Ranjan, Yerunkar Pravin Prakash and Bhargava Kapilesh

6. Tsunami and its after effects on the habitation
- Saleem Sehba

7. A Comparative Analysis of Rainfall Prediction Models using Artificial Neural Networks
- Renuga Devi S.