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Vol. (Special Issue II), August 2017

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Research Papers

1. A delay tolerant routing using cuckoo search for health care management using wireless sensor network
- Anbuchelian S. and Sowmya C.M..

2. Quality Measurement Model for Micro Level Ranking of IT and Bio Cloud Services
- Saravanakumar K. and Chitra S.

3.A Feature Fusion Approach to Classify Diabetic Retinopathy with Modified Support Vector Machine
- Karthikeyan R. and Alli P.

4. Selecting Optimal Feature Subset in Patient Care Opinion Mining Using Extended Bag of Words
- Keerthika R. and Nalini C.

5. Protection against wormhole attack using smart protocol in MANET
- Kiruthika M. and Premalatha J.

6. Regularization technique to restore woven biomedical fabrics using sparsity
- Kopperundevi N. and Sureshkumar S.

7. CLIKEV2: A Novel Key Agreement Protocol for Securing and Managing Biomedical Data in Iot
- Lavanya M. and Natarajan V.

8. A Trust Model and Quality of Service Based Heuristic Scheduling in Cloud Using Firefly Algorithm
- Madhusudhanan B. and Chitra S.

9. Energy-based Localization of IWSN in Biotechnology Industrial Applications
- Palani U., Amuthavalli G., Chethan Prakash V. and Suresh K.C.

10. Efficient Analytical Approaches to Predict the Human Diseases Using FP-Tree with Bagging Algorithm
- Prakash S., Sangeetha K. and Ramkumar N.

11. Score Level Fusion Techniques in Multimodal Biometric System Using CBO-ANN
- Rajesh S. and Selvarajan S.

12. Evaluation of performance Analysis and Weight Calculation in Multimodal Biometric with Face
- Mankame Dattatreya P. and Subban Ravi

13. An Efficient Secured Multicast Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Using Identity-Based Cryptography and Its Application in Biomedical Research
- Sampradeepraj T., Anusuya Devi V. and Chitra D.

14. Response Surface Methodology for Network Life Time Improvement in Bio Wireless Sensor Networks
- Sathyasri B., Ganesh E.N. and Senthil Kumar P.

15. An Heuristic Approach for Efficient Workflow Scheduling in Bioinformatics Cloud
- Senathipathi K. and Chitra S.

16.Inherent Approach of Medical Image Pixels Classification Using an Improved Agglomerative Clustering Technique
- Madheswaran M., Sreedhar kumar S. and Ravi R.

17. Two Stage Security Scheme to Retrieve Secured Data from Database Using E2D2M2 Technique In Patient Monitoring
- Sukumar T. and Santha K.R.

18. Cooperative Multipath Admission Control Protocol: A Load Balanced Multipath Admission Policy
- Suresh K.C., Haripriya K. and Kruthika S.R.

19. Micro machined Silicon Accelerometer with Piezoresistive SCR implementation for Glucolysis
- Angelin Peace Preethi A. and Karthigaikumar P.

20. Novel Cloud Based Biomedical IOT Application for Future Generation Wireless Networks
- Annamalai S. and Prasanna Venkatesan G.K.D.

21. Domain-Specific Search Engine Optimization using Healthcare Ontology and a Neural Network Back-propagation Approach
- Kavitha R. and Nedunchelian R.

22. A Hybrid Multi-Layer Intrusion Detection System in Cloud
- Manickam M. and Rajagopalan S.P.

23. Geospatial Image Classification in Plant Taxonomy for Growth Estimation in Data Mining
- Manikandan P. and Jothi Venkateswaran C.

24. Ultrasonic Pre-treatment and Optimization of Shaker Assisted Hexane Extraction kinetics and activation energy on Second Generation Biofuel Sources
- Sri Aarthi Thangadurai M., Renganathan S., Shyamasundari M., Rajeswari G. and Priyanka M.

25. Reduction of harmonics in a wind power conversion system by the optimal function of a Vienna rectifier and switched inductance z source inverter
- Vani E. and Rengarajan N.

26. An Improved Stock Prediction System Using Optimal Parallel Cat Swarm Optimization Approach in Online Social Media Posts for Medicine Applications
- Anitha J. and Kalaiarasu M.

27. Routing using Hidden Markov Model and Energy Efficient by Particle Swarm Optimization with Wireless Network Interface Selection for Industrial Mobile Devices
- Arunkumar S., Vinoth kumar B. and Josephine R.L.

28. Ovarian Cancer Disease Prediction and Categorization Its Level Using Hybrid Classification Approach
- Guhan Thangavelu and Selvarajan S.

29. ATBCWCE: Automated Two-level Variable Big Bang Big Crunch k Weighting Clustering Ensemble Framework for Multi view Temporal Data and Cancer Data
- Kalaiarasu M. and Anitha J.

30. Lulc Change Detection and the Temperature Variation Analysis for Coimbatore district
- Kalpana V.

31. Improvement of Surface Finish and Optimization of Cutting Parameters during Turning Operation Using Bio-degradable Magnetorheological (MR) Fluid Filled Tool-Post (MRFFT)
- Durai Martin Sureshbabu, Pudukarai Ramaswaram Thyla and Muvalla Nanda Kishore

32. An optimal resource allocation scheme for sub carriers to ensure the high rate data communication in bio medical applications
- Sathishkumar B.R.

33. P-Δ Behaviour of Three Dimensional Single-Storey Infilled R.C. Frame with SLAB
- Suyamburaja Arulselvan

34. A Novel Energy Efficient Surveillance System with Adaptive Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Clustering based Routing for Healthcare Monitoring Applications
- Alagumuthukrishnan S. and Geetha K.

35. Coronary artery disease detection using hybrid classifier for health care
- Rajalakshmi and Latha

36. Semi-Supervised Ensemble Graph Clustering and Fuzzy Membership Particle Swarm Optimization (FMPSO) based Feature Selection for Cancer Subtype Discovery
- PrasannaVasudevan and Thangamani Murugesan