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Welcome to World Research Association.


Download the publication fees form or membership form and send us as attachment at papershankargargh@gmail.com

Please send the copy of publication fees form or membership subscription along with payments or payment proofs.

Rules for Membership or Publication fees:

Subscription for following three Journal is must:
1. Research Journal of Biotechnology
2. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
3. Disaster Advances

Publication is free of cost at present in our new journals but if any author wishes to become our annual or fellow member, he/she is most welcome :
1. Advances In Management
2. International Research Journal for Quality in Education and Environment
3. Nature Changes
4. Global Research in Medical Sciences
5. Reseach Journal of Bioinformatics and Environment
6. International Research Journal of Yoga and Health





Fellow Membership :

Rs. 25,000/-
Rs. 30,000/-

US $ 2500
US $ 3000
Annual Membership :

Rs. 4000/-
Rs. 5000/-

US $ 400
US $ 500
Publication Fees:
per author

Rs. 2500/-

US $ 250

Note: Current issues of all our journals can be accessed free at our website and one can see full manuscripts.

Payment Policy:
We charge publication fees or membership subscription from our authors for following journals as per our policy:
Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, India
Research Journal of Biotechnology, India
Disaster Advances, India

There is no publication or membership fees for following Journals:
Advances in Management, India
International Research Journal for Quality in Education, India
Nature Changes, India
Research Journal of Bioinformatics, India
Global Research in Medical Sciences, India.

Authors residing out side India can send payment by Wire Transfer through bank or by Paypal or online through credit card or debit card. Please contact us for wire transfer at worldresearchjournals@gmail.com for bank details . For paypal (www.paypal.com), our email is sgargh@gmail.com

Authors residing in India can send payment by draft or multicity cheque of any bank in favour of " World Research Journals" payable at Indore or online through credit card or debit card or by Netbanking. After making payment, please send us payment details and proof of payment at our email id:- worldresearchjournals@gmail.com. Details of our bank are as follows:
1. Name : World Research Journals
2. Our Address : Sector AG- 80, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore 452010 (MP)
3. Name of the Bank : HDFC Bank; Branch: INDORE - VIJAY NAGAR
4. Account No.:50200009460741
5. IFSC CODE: HDFC0000404
6. Address of the Bank: 91 A/A, Ankur Alley, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore - 452010, Madhya Pradesh

1. While making payment online, please mention the name of the journal for which you are sending manuscript.
2. Authors residing out of India should contact us (worldresearchjournals@gmail.com) for payment through wire transfer by bank or by paypal.
3. Please do not make any payment in personal name or in name of editor.
4. Please add Rs. 125 extra for collection charges if you are making payment by cheque in India. If you are making payment from other countries, please add US $ 25 extra.

As soon as one submits the paper online, it will appear in heading "Papers Received". When we receive the paper along with "Declaration of Authors", we will send your paper to two experts for comments anywhere in the world. After acceptance by both the experts, we will inform you regarding acceptance within 45 to 60 days of submission of manuscript. If it is accepted, we will send you acceptance letter and your paper will be published within 6 months in coming issues. If your paper is rejected, you can submit to other journal with our prior permission. Please note that your membership subscription or publication fees will not be refunded in any case whether your paper is rejected or accepted.

Rules for Membership / Publication fees:
Publication fees or membership subscription are applicable for following journals:
1. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
2. Research Journal of Biotechnology
3. Disaster Advances

For rest of journals, publication fees and membership subscriptions are not compulsory but authors are welcome to become members of the journal.

Your manuscript will be sent for blind review to two experts anywhere in the world and their decision will be final and binding. The editorial board reserves the right to condense or make changes in the paper.

Decision of experts will be informed within 45 to 60 days of receipt of manuscript. If your manuscript is accepted, it will be published within 6 months from date of acceptance of manuscript in coming issues. If your manuscript is rejected, you will be permitted to submit to another journal. While submitting the manuscript, authors should give a declaration that they will follow our policy and will pay publication fees or membership fees within 15 days of acceptance of manuscript. 

When you receive the acceptance of manuscript by email, then there are two options:
1. All the authors can pay publication fees. Publication fees for International authors is US Dollar 250 per author per manuscript. For Indian authors Rs 2500 per author per manuscript.
2. All the authors can become members of journal- annual or fellow (life).  

Only after receipt of publication fees or membership subscription from all the authors, papers will be published otherwise not. In case of any clarification, authors should contact Editor-in-Chief for approval at his email: worldresearchjournals@gmail.com and his decision will be final and binding. We do not charge any other fees except publication fees or membership subscription.

Membership Subscription:

Our membership is of two types:
Annual or Fellow (Life member).

Fellow membership is the best because preference is given to fellow members (life members) in early publication otherwise waiting time may be even six months. Fellow members are also given preference in appointment as members of editorial board. Fellow members are also awarded fellow membership certificate (FWRJC). Fellow members are also appointed as chair persons of our International conferences and fellow members are given preference in all our activities. Fellow members and anuual members can access all the back issues (archives ) of journal with full text after login at our portal : www.worldresearchjournals.com

Fellow members can submit unlimited manuscripts free of cost for whole of life. Fellow can use the title
"FWRJ" Fellow Member, World Research Journals Congress.

For example - Dr. S.K.Smith, Ph.D., FWRJC

Annual Membership:
Annual member can access twelve issues of the journal per year for annual membership by login at our portal and annual members can submit three manuscripts in a year from the date of becoming member.

Publication Fees:

Many authors do not wish to be members of the journals because their universities do not permit payment of membership fees. For facility of such authors, they are requested to pay publication fees as US Dollar 250 per author for International authors. Indian authors should pay Rs 2500 per author.

Please note that publication fees has to be paid everytime for each manuscript but in case of membership one can submit three manuscript in a year for annual member and a fellow member can submit unlimited manuscript in life time.